January 19, 2016


Coakley Truck & Tire is an energetic mobile enterprise specializing in making tire service an ease for its customers. We provide South Carolina’s Lowcountry with an experienced and reliable workforce for all of your tire needs.

Our exceptional service, skill, professionalism, friendliness and attention to detail, will ensure your customer service experience to be a great one.  We are committed to ensuring quality work at reasonable prices, with a fleet of trucks dispatched and ready to restore mobility to anyone looking for new tires, no matter the size or type. Coakley Truck & Tire welcomes your call to set-up your next appointment or service consultation.



Most vehicles today are made with sensors that can help gage your tire pressure, however, older vehicles are not equipped with these helpful features. As a safety measure, check your tires by walking around your vehicle and conducting an “eye test” to ensure all tires have sufficient air pressure. If you don’t trust your eye, an air pressure stick is a handy tool to help get a reading on your tires pressure.  Check vehicle manual for proper air pressure.

Make sure that your car is in good shape. Inspect your tires for signs of uneven wear, which might indicate alignment or suspension issues. Check for signs like more wear on the inside or outside of the tire vs. an even wear pattern across the entire width of the tread.

If you place a new set of tires on a misaligned vehicle, or one with bad shocks, you’re throwing money away.  The new tires will wear quickly and unevenly, and you’ll need another set in a hurry.” – CNN.com