January 19, 2016


Keep in mind
When buying a new or used tire for the right price, you need to be know that all tires aren’t the right tire for you. There are many choices when it comes to purchasing a tire, and we at Coakley Truck & Tire will take the time to make sure you are very informed about the best options.

We are honored to serve the Low-country!

If you are experiencing loss of traction in your tires. Don’t wait for something to go wrong! Contact an experienced tire company so they can help you purchase a tire you feel comfortable with.

“Tires are expensive but can you search endlessly for a discount? You certainly should try, but good luck.

Your auto dealer or neighborhood garage will likely offer zero or very low discounts, claiming thin profit margins.

Because of their buying power, warehouse clubs such as Costco and BJ’s sell many tires for less. But aside from coupon sales, don’t expect to successfully bargain down here. Sales clerks at chains that specialize in tires tend to work on commission, so they may have more wiggle room or will make “match any price” offers.

Websites that sell tires (for shipment to local installers) are worth checking out too. Type “buy tires online” into a search engine to find these sites.

Overall, you’ll fare best seeking a discount not on the tire, but on related services such as installation, lifetime tire rotations or oil change. Expect salesmen (who sometimes must meet sales quotas) to push for more expensive tack-ons such as brake jobs and alignments. If your car needs them, ask for a discount on them as part of your tire purchase.” – AARP.org